As a leading telecommunications company and dedicated partner of Rogers Communications Intek Communications Inc. offers a full range of Residential and Commercial Services.


While maintaining the integrity of the Rogers Cable Plant from the distribution location into the customer’s home, we ensure customer satisfaction. Our highly trained technicians will complete the job safely, in its entirety, the first time. We will install and support all Rogers Communications services and equipment including:

  • Cable - Digital Boxes
  • Home Phone - Phone Modems
  • High Speed Internet - Internet Modems
  • Smart Home Monitoring

Intek Communications Inc. was the first contractor to be involved in Smart Home Monitoring with Rogers.  We’re proud of the trust Rogers Communications placed in us to blaze the trail with their newest product.


Businesses have come to rely on Intek Communications Inc. to install their Rogers Communications services and equipment efficiently and professionally.  Reliability of the services is a key factor to our shared success.  Businesses can expect to us to deliver all of their Cable, Business Phone Lines and High Speed Internet needs.

Leakage Patrol and Repair

Maintenance and repair of existing cables, connectors, splitters and couplers falls to Canadian cable television service providers as required by Industry Canada.  Rogers Communications and therefore, Intek Communications regularly detect and prevent “signal leakage” in order to protect radio frequencies used by safety services (i.e. ambulance, police, aeronautical, etc.).  Leakage of these frequencies may result in “static” and compromise the abilities of first responders to communicate effectively.

Intek Communications Inc. technicians will scan trouble spots with meters that allow us to zero in on the where or what the leak is caused by.  Once found, we repair the issue and ensure continued optimal services for our emergency responders and aeronautic safety regulators.