Certification Training, Health and Saftey

Part I:
Ensures members have the knowledge and skills to fulfill their legislated duties. It is also intended to help certified members support their internal responsibility system in preventing occupational injuries and illnesses, assessing and eliminating hazards, and enhancing health & safety performance. (Duration two days).

Part II:
“Workplace Specific Hazard Training Program”. Ensures certified members have the knowledge and skills needed to deal with their specific workplaces when performing their duties. It is the final phase required to become fully certified. (Duration 1 day)

CPR and First Aid:
Upon successful completion participants receive certification which is fully recognized by the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board.

Electrical Safety Awareness for Telecommunications:
The purpose of this training is to create awareness of approved current safe work practices within the utility industry. The program meets the requirements of IHSA’s Telecommunications Utility Safety Rules, the Electrical Utility Safety Rules and provincial and federal legislation.

Ladder Training (In-House):
This program provides a safe working knowledge for personnel who handle ladders and includes classroom and field work.

Work Area Protection:
This program complies with current legislative requirements. Participants receive up to date information regarding placement and signage of a work area exposed to vehicular traffic, as well as a better understanding of the concepts of work area protection.

Defensive Driving:
Intek offers a defensive driving course to those employees who need an update. Canadian Pro drivers assist Intek in its efforts and commitment to road safety. The program consists of actual in-vehicle on the road awareness, a backing-up/rodeo component that focuses on vehicle dynamics when reversing and an in-class session on “why we drive the way we do”. This helps to understand how attitude, values and personality can affect your driving. It teaches Provincial and local traffic issues/laws.